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Emma Pretend Play w/ Cute Pink Kitchen Restaurant Toy Cooking Food Kids Playset

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Emma pretend play with her cute pink kitchen restaurant toy. She cooks pretend food kids toy at her new restaurant kitchen. Uncle K gave Emma the new kitchen toy and chef’s costume to wear. They pretend play selling and making food at a pretend restaurant. Uncle K takes Emma to Uncle John’s toy store and buys her a lot of pretend food toys for the restaurant. Emma cooks French fries, taco, fruits and veggies, spaghetti, eggs, bread, sandwich, burgers, and pizza toy!

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Uncle keys burning the kitchen toy guys.

Huh I'm cookie but this was a summer guy I think he missed out let's go help him.

What happened I saw so many toys on the ground okay no problem.

Emma Emma Emma don't forget your hair on.

You Emma can you play by yourself I'm so hungry I will find something to eat I can make good for you cuz I don't.

Worry uncle mica go to the store and buy some toys welcome to my store how may I.

Help you today you wanna buy some food chains on Johnny boo toys are so cool for five dollars I.

Don't know let me see I think you can get it properly but we make more for toy.

Emma I'll buy the food right now but when it had more money I'll buy more food whoa Emma set your money I'll pay for it how much for everything under cha oh you want to buy everything - $100 under the list here you go thank you let's go hmm let me think oh.

Can I have tackle orange juice and.

Well thank you very much so cool guys its pan-fried :.

Jenny asked me to buy food for a party but all the restaurants are closed okay.

What's this you'll make this food Emma just make it for me uncle Tim really Emma did he make food for Jenny's party please anything else you think Oh.

Huh that's too much food I can't do it by myself uncle Tim oh you can't do it what am I gonna do oh I know Emma we can help you yeah.

Emma no vegetable is ready it doesn't.

Work let me check in here okay.

Thanks how my face like okay do you guys.

Like it thank you for watching please remember to subscribe I can take development see you next time

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