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10 Ways To Style Your Kitchen | Rental Kitchen Decor

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KITCHEN DECOR IDEAS FOR APARTMENTS, SMALL SPACES & MORE // I have a tiny rental kitchen in my Brooklyn apartment, but that didn't stop me from turning it into a space that I truly love. I like to think of my kitchen as my own little sanctuary, a place where I feel inspired to create and genuinely enjoy spending my time. In this video, I share 10 simple ideas to help you personalize your kitchen, no matter the size or design restrictions. Think simple accessories, accents, and tips that anyone can incorporate, anytime. Enjoy!

xx Sarah


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I’m Sarah Ashley, the founder of Salt House. My mission is to help make the world a more creative place. I believe creativity is healing, transformative, and our greatest source of joy.

Salt House is an online shop and lifestyle brand celebrating creativity and the art of everyday living. We explore modern creativity through food, home, art, and spirit. Follow along and get inspired!

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