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Jannie Pretend Play with DELUXE Kitchen Toy Set

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Jannie pretend play with a giant deluxe kitchen toy set! Jannie was playing with her old kitchen toy set when suddenly it breaks. Uncle Tim tries to fix it, but it still doesn’t work. He decides to take her to the toy store to buy a new one. Jannie buys a giant deluxe kitchen that comes with a stove, oven, sink, washing machine, and refrigerator. They use the toy to help Auntie clean up the messy house! Uncle Tim washed the clothes while Jannie does the dishes. As Uncle Tim was vacuuming he felt sick and Jannie made him some pretend orange juice and warm towel to make him feel better. Jannie used her new kitchen to cook a sandwich for Uncle Tim to eat.

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Hey Jeremy what happened differently hmm.

Yeah I can fix it I've tools okay Jenny Open Sesame okay.

Jenny I think it's good still broken I'm.

Sorry Jenny I don't know how to fix it okay by me Anya could you two hour to play with it yes it's I can fix it I'll buy you new one but first let's clean up okay I'm gonna let me help you let's put it over here.

All right let's go to the toy store how.

May I help you today we are looking for a new toy seller the kitchen toy I will recommend for you get this little mini.

Much wine this one the Minnie Mouse how much is the Minnie Mouse kitchen toy this one $200 200 but are we have $100 $100 sorry.

I cannot sell it to you because oh my kitchen is over $100 okay I got an idea.

I have a discount for this one just 100 and many dollar I still don't have enough money yeah just finished raining dollar where'd you do this wrong maybe.

Many outcomes yeah we have money oh thank you I would have you deliver to.

This kitchen for so for Jenny Oh what is that who made that mess I don't know so messy why are you DUII.

Auntie oh I'm trying to pickup out look there love buddy blows and this is we can help your auntie they have done me a kitchen toy bed yeah and also washer wow so nice oh can you get Henry to clean up I have to go to the supermarket yeah and I will wash the clothes for you.

Time to wash clothes put it in okay and.

Just press wash I'm washing the clothes.

Janek come in use the sink to wash the dishes as Jamie's washing dishes I'll go.

Back in the house come on guys this.

Floor looks so dirty guys I'm gonna vacuum it.

Oh man I feel so tired I feel so tired.

Jenny maybe I'm sick help me up please.

Okay how do you feel on co-official.

Thirsty can they gave me some orange juice please okay I'm gonna befriend the orange in the fridge what should I do guys oh I.

Have an idea auntie o aunty can you give me some orange uncle needs oranges because he said Thank You aunty.

Thanks Jenny hi Jenny we should go okay oh really oh I bought some orange juice thank you let me make oranges for uncle.

Thanks Janet but I also feel really hungry can you make me some food please.

They pick the ham so good for him Jenny.

Everybody sound with do the omen get it open.

The ham is ready aunty oh really oh really thanks Jenny.

Thanks Jenny I feel a lot better because of this I'll Jam your shoes thank you for watching our video click the Buy.

Button see you next time

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