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Дешевая VS Дорогая КУХНЯ. В чем разница? IKEA VS LEICHT

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It's 9 a.m. in Germany In the town of ... (untranslatable mumble) We will make an overview of LEICHT kitchens It's a quite expensive German manufacturer I will show you the difference between them and cheaper counterparts Usual press-trips are dull and boring Cause nothing is shown there actually but booze! But I will do... the same!.

We've come to LEIGHT factory for a reason They manufacture kitchens and all these casegoods We'll now compare expensive and cheap kitchens Why is this kitchen expensive? And why this one is cheap?.

For example, this kitchen has no handles Cheap counterparts will be with standard handles Which we have been used to already But absence of any handles has been in high demand instead for a long time already When pushing system is used We have to push the front surface So you are doing the following with your filthy hands.

For this reason flush-mounting handles are used here, called as a "profile handle".

The carcase is recessed and such metal profile handle is inserted.

Ikea offers only this type of a profile handle It is recessed on a front here But it is not so awesome visually That is just a cheap substitute of a profile handle If we look at interior fitments of Ikea kitchen So it looks like this it is out of sight, so in general you can save on it Spoons are in their place, everything is arranged It is not perfectly arranged, but still arranged Expensive kitchen is accomplished by the expensive interior fitments inside the unit Just look how everything is perfectly arranged Everything is in its place, each knife Perfect materials are used here like metal and veneer sheets In general all this stuff is hidden But if you take to it once, you would hardly go back.

In general cheap and expensive kitchens are both made from similar materials.

Ikea kitchen is cheap for other reason than wooden shit In general everything is similar The tricky part here is the standards being used This is one of the top kitchens from them It is made from expensive materials with a painted front But what with the standards Just look at the corner Everything stands out here The front cries out to be evened Can't do that! That's the standard used It seems like a profile handle but made under a cheap technology It is not a metal profile handle but a handle recessed on the front That is why such a huge gap is here, it is more than enough space for a finger.

If you step back for instance Such wall looks so awesome! Ikea doesn't use the standards for such handles Look at the parts used here, the way this profile handle looks like this door As if by magic! From the first sight it's just some trifles But everything is very handy and looks super fancy Here two options of corner designing In case of a profile handle, it can be discontinued or prolonged around the corner.

Discontinuity variant is less attractive But if it is prolonged around the corner, looks really awesome! There are standard technologies under which this corner is made Cheap counterparts, Russian for instance, do not apply these standards, just 1990s standards.

Due to this it takes several months to design a kitchen Forcing them to remake it Even after they've manufactured the kitchen we have to make bevels with further bends If you are dealing with German or Italian manufacturers, all it takes is just coming and buying a kitchen You know for sure that it is awesome Of course you have to pay for this, and if you want to save... so go ahead!.

From some distance it looks like a wall with a cabinet You would never know what's this cabinet for if not that faucet protruding there It is possible to make a cheap counterpart of such kitchen It's no big deal, design itself is a tricky part here In this case it is the finished kitchen, you just come and buy it And if you choose a customized option the result will be unclear One more example of a good design It's an island kitchen It's a multi-functional island with more units and a passway here, it's kind of another story You will never find the following in a cheap kitchen.

It's a real utility unit! You can keep a lot of stuff in utility unit If not these shelves, an ironing board could be arrenged here easily And here is one more example of island arrangement It looks like a wardrobe from a living room side If we go around, a kitchen area appears here And kitchen in its turn comprises one more Narnia It's quite small but pretty nice.

And it is a smart cooktop from Whirpool Recently we've installed only this type It has a built-in hood It really works ! And it is a recent development exchibited at the last I-Saloni It's a smart cooktop which can be connected to your phone and displays recepies on the screen.

Look at these vertical inserts they are awesome! These are profile handles It has to be 5 cm prolongated specifically for them But it is worth cause it looks always really cool.

Expensive manufacturers offer expensive fronts Besides veneer or stone surfaces they have different advanced materials This front will never have fingerprint traces It is a high resistant front to various impacts Look, I've pushed it with my hand and slowly the fingerprint is disappearing.

And here is Ikea black fronts You see, no need to paw it over It is already smudged These are IKEA front options, it seems like there is a big variety but actually not really.

Wooden front is only this one You won't be able to find here a wooden front without such framing.

Only this type It is not wood, actually it is a film Look here But actually this film seems to be not bad visually That is exactly I have no issues with it If something looks nice and cheap at the same time, well that's very good! My respect to Ikea, well done!.

Finally Ikea is offering stone table tops But it's not cheap at all It costs 112 thous. rub. A table top only! Moreover it's too short and tiny little.

Stony surfaces are already old hat! Expensive manufacturers offer metal surfaces as well Such metal surfaces looks really awesome! Especially the way it runs smoothly into a sink It's very cool! Naturally, it's metal Metal can be very thin, just gorgeous! In order to prove my point, I made a similar kitchen of both options, at least tried to make them similar.

So such kitchen from Ikea, it's a bit cheesy, as it couldn't be fit here properly The wide cabinets can be of 80, 60 and 40 cm, no other options.

If you want to have 30 cm here, forget it! If you want to have 90 cm here, forget it! So there are particular issues, but I've managed to assembe an island kitchen more or less Such IKEA kitchen will cost you 300 thous. rub. already equipped with appliances Almost the same, of course the same can't be assembled with LEIGHT kitchens.

There will be appropriate surface adjoining I will show you now The island will be like this one With good corners Such kitchen will cost you approximately 950 thous. rub. If we compare the price then of course Ikea kitchen will be in favour 300 th. rub. is kind of better than 950 th. rub. Let's compare, for instance, Kia Rio costing about 1 mln. rub. and the cheapest availbale Porsche Cayman of 4 mln.rub..

Apparentely both of them are cars with 4 wheels but still they are different So leave your comments which kitchen you would prefer The one which costs 300 thous. rub. or 950 thous. rub. kitchen Like the video and bye-bye!

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